D-Line Dish Draining Tray Large

D-Line Dish Draining Tray Large

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This Large D-Line Dish Draining Tray will solve the problem of dish racks dripping on your kitchen surfaces with its generously sized board. Place it underneath your dish rack or stack your dishes directly on the board and let the grooved surface drain the water away.

Let the water flow directly down the sink with this dish draining tray's raised edge. This 50 cm board won't slide off on its own because of the slip-resistant base to ensure a steady placement beside the kitchen sink. It's easy to clean and retain the pristine appearance of this draining tray. Simply hand wash it when necessary and store it into a cupboard, drawer, or pantry when not in use.

Transform you daily washing up activity and drain more effectively with this draining tray!



  • Material: PVC
  • Grooved and slip-resistant base
  • Sits beside the kitchen sink
  • Large capacity
  • Directional drainage
  • Great base for your dish rack



Large: 50 cm x 38.5 cm