Drydock Deluxe Dish Drying Mat

Drydock Deluxe Dish Drying Mat

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If you live in a modern kitchen without a draining rack, you need Prepara's DryDock Deluxe Dish Drying Mat. The DryDock is 5 times more absorbent than standard dish drying cloths, and includes a special stemware dryer. Its unique honeycomb texture allows superior air flow, drying everything faster.

The DryDock has a unique triple layer construction. The first layer is a non-scratch mesh which protects your kitchenware. The second is a super absorbent wicking foam layer to draw moisture away from your dishes. The third layer is an anti-bacterial microfiber, ensuring your DryDock stays clean and odour free.

It can easily be folded up for quick and easy storage. Perfect for small kitchens or as a supplement to dish racks  in larger kitchens, DryDock is machine washable when required.



- Perfect for drying large pots, pans, plates and more

- Stemware dryer included

- Use as an alternative to a dish rack

- 5 times more absorbent than cotton dish towels

- Triple layer construction; non-scratch mesh, wicking foam, antibacterial microfibre

- Declutters counters and stores away in seconds



33cm W x 66cm D