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Back in the late 1970's when I was a very young Bride with two small children we lived in Calgary, Alberta for a while, and the later on near Edmonton in a small town called Stony Plain.  We were friends with a lovely family, the McNevins.  Their son had been a soldier in my ex husband's Infantry Platoon, having gone through basic training together.    These people were the salt of the earth and so very kind to me.  I was thousands of miles away from my own family, with little or no support, with a husband who was often away and they kind of took me under their wing.  We often spent weekends with them and their family.   ...

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What Is the Difference Between Braising and Roasting?

The techniques of braising and roasting are integral cooking skills that transform ordinary ingredients into meals that will impress even your most critical dinner guests. Incorporating either method makes a meal feel special and will fill your home with a tantalizing aroma long before the dish is brought to the table. Roasting and braising are ideal for tougher cuts of meat that are often less expensive but require a little more love to coax out their virtues. They are also optimal ways to turn an ordinary root vegetable into something extraordinary. Fall is the perfect time to invite braising and roasting into your cooking arsenal. Even though both techniques rely on longer cooking times and are transformative in their ability...

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