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These grilled vegetable skewers can be made all year round

Easy to make and with a delicious tangy balsamic marinade they make a great quick healthy meal! Folks, these tasty grilled vegetable skewers go a long way to helping you get your daily fix of essential vitamins and minerals! Packed with tons of flavour, in this recipe I’m serving these rainbow veggies as a main course dinner. However, they could easily be served up for lunch or a side dish to any meal too! This is a completely vegan skewers recipe too. My previous two skewers recipes were made with meat. Scroll down to see the links for those below. So this meat free skewers dinner is perfect for those who do not eat meat or indeed for those who...

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This step by step guide shows how to dry mushrooms in the oven to extend the life of this must have ingredient in Italian, French and Asian cooking

Mushrooms don’t store well for long periods of time so dehydrating is a great way to preserve mushrooms for future use. When you see your mushrooms are starting to look a little shrivelled and you are not ready to use them then this is a great time to consider drying the mushrooms in the oven. It only takes 2 hours on low heat with little preparation time. Equipment Needed Baking Tray Rack – This baking tray with an oven safe rack from Amazon is top rated and great value. Parchment or Baking Paper Recycled Glass Jar Label – These reusable food labels save on waste and on money. Instructions Time needed: 2 hours and 10 minutes. How to Dry Mushrooms in...

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