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The Main Company is a kitchen company with a difference – they use salvaged and reclaimed materials as well as brand new products to create unusual and interesting bespoke kitchens that are truly individual

Alex Main explained the processes behind this gorgeous kitchen they produced for a beautiful Berkshire home. Q: What were the stand-out priorities in your brief from the client? The house was undergoing a full renovation and every room needed updating. The brief for the kitchen and indeed, for the house overall, was to make everything more livable, functional and usable for modern life. The client was particularly keen to have a large open space with a natural flow between the kitchen, living and dining areas. It was an exciting space to work with as there was a vaulted ceiling and mezzanine level above! So we knew that whatever we designed it had to work well within an expansive and dramatic...

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15 Kitchen Gadgets That You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

What’s cookin’? Preparing meals doesn’t have to be painful or tedious! People are always looking to reinvent the wheel, which means there are so many clever inventions out there (and we always love a good kitchen hack). That’s why I love these clever kitchen gadgets from Amazon which truly make life easier, hassle-free, and even more fun! 1. PB-JIFE! peanut butter knife Buy it on Amazon | $12.99 This ultimate peanut butter knife helps you to scoop up the last of your peanut butter from even the biggest jars. With its round stainless steel ergonomic design, you’ll never be dealing with buttery knuckles again!  “Years ago I bought PB-JIFE’s from Kickstarter. My kids love it because of how it’s shaped and...

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Tips for Clean Kitchen Counters

Everyone wants a kitchen with clean counters that will surely serve us in many ways. It’s not just about the sharpness and order, but empty counters allow us to have more cooking space. Minimal counter clutter also means fewer items to clean because you can wipe counters easily—so cleared-off counters also tend to be clean and healthy counters, too. The more you can get off of your counters and stored elsewhere, the better. Lose all the items you don’t need and put everything in place after you finished using it. Here are some practical and creative ways that will help you store your kitchen items and enjoy an organized place: 1. Do not deposit your items on the counter There...

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