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Amazon The bathroom. One of your home's most-used rooms. You want your bathroom to feel comfortable-- a place to relax and have peace. But, the bathroom of your dreams doesn't have to come from an expensive remodel. Small changes, like shower shelves, can add more storage and style to your space today. Unless you're using a shower that opens to the great outdoors, bathroom space seems to only shrink over time. That's why DIY ledges like these are a great addition to your shower wall. Best Shower Shelves 1. LEVERLOC Corner Shower Caddy Suction Cup NO-Drilling Removable Bathroom Shower Shelf Heavy Duty Max Hold 22lbs Caddy Organizer Waterproof & Oilproof Shower Corner Shower Shelf for Bathroom & Kitchen - White...

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It’s safe to say that we are always in a hurry

We got little time for household chores. So we buy several gadgets to do the job. But why not be creative and use the same one for multiple purposes? You can save some precious time this way. I’m sure you got a dishwasher right? Then use it to clean several other stuff as well! Apart from dishes, duh. 50 Surprising Things You Can Clean in Dishwasher 1. Dusty Dustpans Dustpans help us to clean off the dust from floors. Don’t you think we should keep it clean as well?  Load it inside the dishwasher such that the dirty surface is facing down. The washer will spray at it directly and will give out a shining dustpan. 2. Dish Sponges They...

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