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Baked Stuffed French Toast Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Like any self-respecting mother, I plan to lounge in bed until ten painting my toenails and catching up on celebrity gossip magazines. I’ll call my BFF Keri and talk for hours. I’ll stare at the ceiling. I’ll think about things I haven’t thought about in years. Important stuff like the color I want to paint my bedroom walls and whether or not I should buy hiking boots. My clean-faced children will bring me a plate of perfectly poached eggs and side of toast. My husband will follow with a hot cup of coffee (don’t forget the cream) and the Sunday newspaper. They will promptly file out of the room...

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Artisan Bread 30 Days to… 5 Keys for… 7 Steps to… I’ve never been interested in gimmicky fads. So when Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking (Amazon) came along back in 2007, I didn’t pay much attention. After hearing about it everywhere I turned though, I finally borrowed a copy of the book. I flipped through it, tried the master recipe, and was hooked. If you have baked bread using these steps, you know how brilliant and simple it is. If baking with yeast makes you nervous, this method is a great place to start. Just think, this could be the year you finally conquer baking a loaf of yeast bread from scratch! Here’s...

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Candied Jalapenos (Cowboy Candy) I’ll admit it. Jalapeno peppers intimidate me. It’s not so much the heat of eating them, as the pain of working with them. Jalapenos make me wheeze and cough. My eyes water. My fingers burn. Whatever my fingers touch burns. I had a huge bowl of jalapenos sit on my kitchen counter for four weeks because I was afraid of them. They just sat there taunting me. I can’t stay away; they are just so delicious. It’s like avoiding my workout DVD’s because I know they are going to hurt me, but I keep going back for more. No pain, no gain! Jalapeno peppers can range from mild-hot and get their heat from something unique to...

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